Excursion possibilities for groups of children and school classes.

How it was in the past...

With us the past comes to life. During a visit to the 700 year old farmhouse, we will explore cooking traditions, the type of work that was done on the farm, how people used to spend cold winter evenings or what role religion played in the life of the farmers of the Sarntal. We will take the children to our smokehouse, to the gothic parlor, to the old chambers and we will tell you about a completely different world, far away from TV, refrigerator and light switches, where everyday life and work were extremely tedious. In addition to a standard guided tour, various special programs are offered, which give children a much deeper insight into the life of that time.

  • From the field to the bread room
  • Everything homemade - handicrafts on the farm
  • Wool, loden, linen - The production of clothing
  • Treasure hunt - In search of special objects
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