Where the past becomes an experience


Preserve the old farmhouse

The Rohrerhaus should also be a place of encounter. Therefore we invite again and again to concerts, "Hoangart" with contemporary witnesses from the past, Storytelling evenings and readings of legends and old stories.

We are looking forward to your visit.

In order to pass on old customs to younger generations.

Our philosophy

Preserve the old farmhouse

We strive to preserve the old farmhouse as it was hundreds of years ago. The exhibitions are not an accumulation of old objects and tools, but give - in a simple and coherent way - an insight into the rural way of life. In this way, visitors can immerse themselves in the everyday rural life of bygone times during their tour.



Maintain the Sarner tradition

It is a great concern of ours to maintain the Sarner tradition, the customs and traditions and the Sarner traditional handicraft.


Want to go on a excursion?

We organize half-day and full-day excursions throughout the year.


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