The Rohrerhaus Association was founded in 2004 out of a working group that accompanied the renovation work after the community had bought the 700 year old farmhouse in Sarnthein. The aim was to set up a rural museum and to make customs and traditions come alive with changing exhibitions.

The members of the association collected objects and furnished the house, outhouse and outdoor area authentically and with great attention to detail - as if the farmers family still lived and worked at the farm. In addition to the smokehouse, old Gothic parlor and chambers, the farm garden and show field can also be admired.

The management of the museum is in the hands of the association. The association organizes the museum activities and presents changing exhibitions about the rural world. The association also provides - supported by the municipality - for a good maintenance of the house.


We strive to preserve the old farmhouse according to its original state of hundreds of years ago. The exhibitions are not an accumulation of old objects and tools, but give an insight into the rural way of living in a simple and comprehensive manner. In this way, visitors can immerse themselves in the everyday rural life of bygone times during their tour.

It is a great ambition of ours to maintain the Sarner tradition, the customs and traditions and the Sarner traditional handicraft. In order to pass on old customs to younger generations, we organize courses and events such as

  • Cooking typical Sarner specialties (Striezl, Ofnar, Schweiznar-Hosn ...)
  • Bread baking in the old farm oven
  • Teaching handicraft skills ("Toppar-Mochn", carving of "Moidnwispilar", palm broom tying ...)
  • Proper dressing and wearing of the traditional costume

The Rohrerhaus should also be a place of encounter. Therefore we invite again and again to

  • concerts
  • "Hoangart" with contemporary witnesses from the past
  • Storytelling evenings and readings of legends and old stories

The history of the Rohrerhaus

The Rohrerhaus is the old firehouse of the Rohrerhof in Rungg. It is a listed house that stands on the southern edge of the village center of Sarnthein.

The first documented mentions date back to the late 13th century - both in the Pfarrurbar Sarnthein and in the Urbar of the Count of Tyrol Meinhard II. The oldest parts of the house date back to 1325/26 and in the course of the centuries changes and extensions were made again and again. The parlor dates back to the Gothic period around 1530, the ridge beam of the roof bears the year 1703. From 2004 to 2007 the house was restored and furnished as a museum.

Already in the first documented mentions the Rohrerhof shows itself as a stately, profitable property. At the time of Maria Theresia its estimated value was ranked second among all farms in the Sarntal valley. In the course of its history, the farm changed owners only a few times. This underlines the great value of the farm. The Rohrer farmers always played an important role in the village of Sarnthein, both ecclesiastically and secularly. They often held important offices such as church provost, juror at court, member of the municipal administration, chairman of the farmers' association and even representatives at the Tyrolean provincial assemblies of Bolzano and Innsbruck ...

Today the Rohrerhof is owned by Florian Gruber, who moved the farmstead to a nearby hill to the south and sold the old listed house to the municipality of Sarntal.

Become a member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Rohrerhaus Association, please fill out the membership application and pay the appropriate amount at the Raika.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The membership fee for individuals is 15,- € and for associations/businesses/institutions the amount is 50,- €.

bank details:

Association Rohrerhaus VO
Runggenerstr. 10
39058 Sarnthein
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Raiffeisenkasse Sarntal  IBAN: IT 98 P 08233 58870 000300037460

Phone: (+39) 0471 622644

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